Update to Nutrition Consultation for Disordered Eating
CSU Health Network is not currently offering nutrition consultations for disordered eating.  Providers are referring out to Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center.

Individual counseling is available for students experiencing concerns with disordered eating (bulimia, anorexia nervosa, binging and purging, use of laxatives or diet pills). Staffed by a registered dietician with experience in treating eating disorders, these counseling sessions can help students establish healthy dietary practices and manage their health and well-being.

To schedule an appointment at CSU Health Network, call (970) 491-7121.

To learn more about other student nutrition services available on campus, visit the Nutrition and Physical Activity resource page.

To learn more about body image, login to YOU@CSU and search “Body Image.”

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center (KRNC)

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center registered dietitian nutritionists provide individual nutrition counseling to students experiencing concerns with disordered eating and eating disorders.

  • The CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) includes coverage for most nutrition counseling appointments at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center. A small copay ($10-$15) may be applicable.
  • As an Anthem BCBS contracted provider, the KRNC will submit billing on your behalf (provider referral is needed). If you are paying out of pocket, you will get discounts ($30-$50 per session).
  • To schedule an appointment at KRNC, call 970-495-5916 or email nutritioncenter@colostate.edu
  • If you are unsure if you’re ready, you can schedule a free 15-minute exploratory call with an RDN as a first step.