Your smile is beautiful. We can help keep it that way.

About CSU Health Network Dental Services:

  • Open to CSU students only
  • Affordable, convenient and quality care
  • Staffed by licensed dentist, registered dental hygienists and dental assistants
  • Services include diagnostic, preventive and restorative procedures
  • Featuring new, state-of-the-art equipment, including digital x-rays and Panorex
  • Located on the 3rd floor of the on-campus CSU Health and Medical Center

Dental Services include:

  • Diagnostic Services:
    • Comprehensive, recall, and problem-focused exams
    • Digital radiography and Panorex
    • Oral cancer screenings
    • Special exams for study abroad, military, Peace Corps, etc.
  • Preventive Services:
    • Cleanings (basic, deep cleanings, periodontal therapies)
    • Sealants
    • Fluoride treatments
  • Home care and diet instruction and education
  • Restorative Dentistry:
    • Composite (tooth colored) fillings
    • Crown & Bridge
    • Veneers/cosmetic bonding
    • Implant restorations
  •  Additional Services:
    • Night Guards, simple TMJ therapy
    • Simple/moderate surgeries
    • Removable retainers and retainer repairs
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Treatment with nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
    • Palliative/pain management
  • Referrals
    • For more complex needs, to qualified, caring professionals in the community

Dental Services is open Mondays and Wednesdays, 8 am – 5 pm and Tuesdays from 9 am – 5 pm. To make an appointment, call (970) 491-1710.  

Costs and payment

  • Fees vary for services. Contact (970) 491-1710 for more information.
  • Payment is not required at time of service. Options for payment include:
    • Can be billed to your CSU student account through the Office of Financial Aid.
    • If you are enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP),  you are also enrolled in the dental insurance plan. For details, please contact (970) 491-1710 or contact the SHIP department.
    • CSU Health Network Dental Services does not bill private insurance, but can provide filled dental claim forms for private insurance or receipts/documentation for flex spending account reimbursement.
    • For more information about payment options, contact Dental Services at (970) 491-1710.