CREWS peer educators present information in a nonjudgmental manner. They give facts and information to help students make their own choices.


CREWS peer educators have many opportunities to make connections – with students, fellow peer educators and staff.


Applying to be a peer educator is easy — just fill out the online form.

About Us

CREWS stands for Creating Respect, Educating Wellness (by and for) Students.

CREWS is a diverse, trained peer education team who help fellow Rams make safer, healthier decisions about alcohol, sexual health and tobacco.  We provide highly interactive and fun events for campus groups, classes, and even football games. No prior experience needed!

As a Peer Educator, you would:

  • Make a difference at CSU
  • Find new friends
  • Connect with other Rams from all academic majors, life experiences, race/ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations that reflect who we are as a campus.
  • Earn upper-level academic credits and a National Peer Educator Certification after training.
  • Become trained in the areas of listening skills, teaching/ presentation techniques, risk reduction skills and resource/referral skills.

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CREWS at a Glance
    • CREWS is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year
    • CREWS is a trained, non-judgmental peer education team who help fellow Rams make safer/healthier decisions about alcohol, sexual health and tobacco.
    • Our members are a collection of diverse student from a variety of academic majors
    • Through CREWS programming, our team reaches 9000-10,000 CSU students every year utilizing various leadership skills to develop and implement new educational programs and initiatives
    • CREWS peer educators provide highly interactive and fun events for campus groups, classes, and even football games.

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If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved with CREWS, please fill out the interest form below.  Someone from our group will follow up with you in early September 2022.

CREWS Interest Form

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CREWS Programming

The CSU Health Network provides various presentations to assist students in making healthier choices to accomplish both academic and personal goals. C.R.E.W.S. currently offers program in the following 3 areas.  If you’re interested in scheduling a program, please visit the Presentation Request page.

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Our alcohol programs aim to engage peers in critical thinking about alcohol use, reduce risks associated with high-risk drinking and how to take care of others who may be at risk.


Participants take part in a hands-on, interactive discussion about alcohol serving sizes, as well as the alcohol content of different beverages. They learn how alcohol affects the body and how much time sobering up takes. BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) is explained, along with how to calculate it and why it is important to know. Participants will also explore how more is not necessarily better and when drinking is the most risky and what can be done to reduce risk.

Option:  An optional addition to this program includes a Marijuana Quiz.  This quiz is brief and includes facts about potency, sleep effects, local laws, memory/cognition, edibles and more. If you would like this option, please select the Alcohol- Dude, where’s my car? (With Marijuana Quiz) on the Presentation Request Form.

Presenters: C.R.E.W.S peer educators 
Duration: Average time 30-45 minutes
Minimum: 8 people
Maximum: 100+ people

These fun and interactive programs aim to educate peers about sexual health in a judgment-free manner. The programs are designed to enhance understanding of risk and protective factors around sexual health.


In this interactive session, participants will learn the proper steps to using a condom (using bananas and condoms). They also learn about ways to best negotiate condom use and the importance of consent. Expect a lively group discussion about information learned.
Presenters: C.R.E.W.S peer educators
Duration: 20-30 minutes
Minimum: 10 people
Maximum: 60 people


In this fun and interactive program, students team up to test their sexual health knowledge while engaging in friendly competition with peers. This sex positive program is designed to education students about sexual health information, consent, and resources offered at CSU

Duration: Average time 45-60 minutes
Minimum: 10 people
Maximum: 75 people

Our programs give you the straight facts about tobacco products including hookah and e-cigarettes.  We’ll give you the information so you can make your own choices regarding tobacco.

Know What You’re Smokin’

In this unique presentation, participants examine the world of hookah smoking, associated risk of smoking hookah and ways to reduce those risks. Information on tobacco cessation recourses available to CSU students is provided.
Presenters: C.R.E.W.S peer educators and CSU Health Network Staff
Duration: 30 minutes
Minimum: 10 people
Maximum: 200+ people


In this presentation, participants learn interesting tobacco facts, including: what is in a cigarette, the health effects of second-hand smoke on humans and pets and the truth about chewing tobacco. Participants will also explore how the tobacco industry targets and markets to college students and resources for quitting tobacco are presented.
Presenters: C.R.E.W.S peer educators and CSU Health Network Staff
Duration: 30-60 minutes
Minimum: 10 people
Maximum: 200+ people

Condom Delivery Now Available

If you are an RA, part of a student group, or a member of an FSL organization, you can request condoms by emailing

CREWS Members

Avery Showalter
CREWS Team Member
Sophie Orsund
CREWS Team Member
Mia Carrillo
CREWS Team Member
Bo Wallace
CREWS Team Member
Maritza Soto
CREWS Team Member
Mikaela Lippon
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Jade Hoard
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Camille Griffith
CREWS Team Member
Nichole Clancy
CREWS Team Member
Allison Keller
CREWS Team Member
Katherine Matzki
CREWS Team Member
Steven Mendoza
CREWS Team Member

Questions, comments, or feedback? Drop us a line using the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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