All students are required to have health insurance during their time at CSU. Students will be automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan unless they waive the plan by showing proof of private health insurance.

Health Insurance Waiver and Enrollment Portal for Spring 2023 is closed.

The waiver process takes approximately six minutes to complete and requires only the information on your insurance card and the plan holder’s date of birth.

  1.  Students will read information about the health insurance requirement as they complete Registration Ready through RamWeb for the upcoming semester.
  2. Students can access the insurance waiver portal 10 days after registering for classes (if registered for six or more resident instruction credits). At that time, students will receive an email to their CSU email account that includes a link to the insurance waiver portal, which is managed by CSU’s contracted vendor Academic HealthPlans (AHP).  All correspondence from AHP will come from an web address or email account and is a safe and protected site where the insurance waiver portal is hosted.
  3. Follow the link to the insurance waiver portal and have your insurance card ready.
  4. Enter the required information from your insurance card into the secure portal. This process should take approximately two minutes or less. Note: The information is not used for any purpose other than verifying the student’s health insurance coverage.
  5. An independent waiver application audit firm will validate that all plans are active and confirm compliance with the following requirements:
    • Essential health benefits (click here to view these requirements on
    • Coverage in Colorado. If you are an out-of-state student, please confirm coverage in Colorado with your insurance carrier.
    • Active coverage as of the first day of classes that remains active for the academic year.
    • Insurance company is owned and operated in the United States.
    • Must have unlimited benefits.
    • No pre-existing condition limitation.
    • No short-term/limited benefit or limited duration plans.
    • No sickness and accident-only plans.
  6. Students who have adequate insurance coverage that meets the above requirements, and have received a waiver approval from AHP, will not be enrolled in or billed for the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan for the current academic year.
  7. Students whose coverage does not pass the waiver process will be notified via email that their submission has failed and why. Students will be given an opportunity to update their plan information until the waiver deadline. If a waiver submission is not updated and approved, the student will receive a denial email and will be enrolled on the CSU student health plan for the semester.

Waiver Process Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Contact the CSU Health Insurance office at (970) 491-2457 or

Note: Due to the nature of the insurance open enrollment cycle, this office experiences periods of high phone volume. Please consider emailing us at and we will respond as soon as possible.