The Still Point Reflection Space is a nourishing, inclusive environment for CSU faculty, staff and students from all backgrounds and cultures. This is a space that can be used to prioritize your well-being and self-care. A place to relax, pray, meditate, and reflect.

Located on the first floor of the CSU Health and Medical Center, the Still Point Reflection Space is open during normal CSU Health Network business hours. 

Guidelines for use

  • Use the roster upon entering the space to sign in.
  • To use the Relaxation Pod, check in with the Health and Medical Center Information Desk, located on the first floor in front of the reflection space.
  • Remove your footgear. Store them on the shelves.
  • In order to create a calm environment, practice silence in the space. Silence your technology, and please do not use cellphones.
  • If listening to music, guided practices/prayers, etc. use earphones.
  • This is a solicitation free zone.
  •  This is a homework and study free zone.
  • No food or beverages (except for water) in the space.
  •  The room is available for individual use only, not for group gatherings.  There is a four person occupancy space limit.
  • No candles, burning oils, incense or other flammable items.
  •  Do not move furniture from its original location or remove equipment from the room.
  •  Use the cleaning supplies provided to wipe down your area and/or yoga mats, blocks, etc. used.
  • Sign out upon leaving the space.

The Still Point Reflection Space is managed by the CSU Health Network Health Education and Prevention Services.  If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or comments, call the office at 970-491-1702 or email

Using the Relaxation (Nap) Pod

The Relaxation Pod in the Still Point Reflection Space is available to CSU students and employees. Schedule a 20-minute session by reserving online through, visiting the Health and Medical Center Information Desk during CSU Health Network business hours or calling (970) 495-5246.

Check in at the Information Desk at the time of your scheduled session. Information Desk staff will check your CSU ID card before your session. Instructions on how to use the Relaxation Pod will be available to read before your session.

Using Heart Math, Stress Reduction Technology

CSU students and employees can check out Heart Math, biofeedback/stress reduction devices, for use in the Still Point Reflection Space. Stop by the Health and Medical Center Information Desk with your CSU ID for check out. Staff will hold onto your card during your session. Instructions for how to use Heart Math will be available.

Campus Reflection Spaces

See the campus interactive map, for additional campus reflection spaces.