The YOU@CSU portal has been developed for students to explore their strengths and areas for growth across three domains:

  • SUCCEED = Academics / Career

  • THRIVE = Physical / Mental Health

  • MATTER = Purpose / Community / Social

The portal serves up relevant educational information and campus resources to support a student’s success at CSU. The content becomes personalized if and when students complete brief assessments, complete a profile or search for something specific. Partnerships with companies like Sliver Cloud Health provide online modules for mental health skill building.  There is also a built in function for students to set goals and check them off as they go.

The portal nurtures self-awareness and is organized to help instill responsibility for well-being. It provides options for the students to take action before issues progress to more serious problems or crises depending on their needs. There is an important feature integrated into the portal and search function connecting students in distress to campus resources.

Log In and Student Anonymity

Students log in at: and use their email to create an account. A student’s e-mail is encrypted when accessing You@CSU.  There is no way of tracking student use or responses, creating an environment where students can feel they can be honest and safe exploring sensitive topics.

CSU Roll Out

CSU Communications implemented a full fledge communications plan for the portal roll out Spring 2016.  The vision is to integrate communications about the portal also into student onboarding. CSU Health Network, Division of Student Affairs and other faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students to the portal.  Parents and families are learning about the portal and the benefits to their student.

Doug Coatsworth, CSU Professor Human Development and Family Studies Department and Director of the Center for Prevention, in collaboration with the CSU Health Network and You@CSU creators, evaluated Fall 2015 portal usability, likeability and functionality. Spring 2016 evaluation underway begins to examine effectiveness and gather feedback to continue to inform content, delivery method and interface strengths and improvements. Portal use analytics are being monitored.

You@CSU Development Partnership

CSU is in partnership with Grit Digital Health, a company created by Cactus Communications and their owner and CSU alum, Joe Conrad.  A research agreement between CSU and Grit Digital Health was formalized in Summer 2015 for You@CSU content creation/review, concept testing and evaluation. The CSU Health Network and other campus partners have worked closely with the company to envision and develop the portal.  CSU will be able to use the portal at no cost due to this partnership. Grit Digital Health plans to explore the portal’s use at other universities.


CSU You@CSU Contacts

For University-specific questions, contact Janelle Patrias, CSU Health Network Manager of Mental Health Initiatives

(970) 491-2618 |

For questions specific to the YOU portal, please contact Chris Antoline, Director of Campus Partnership at Grit Digital Health at