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For the safety of our staff (in support of social distancing guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control), we can be reached by phone at (970) 491-2457 between 10am – 4 pm, by online chat on the insurance and waiver pages between 9am and 4pm, and by email at  Our staff will respond to you as soon as possible.  We are also available in-person.
What is the requirement?

Colorado State University requires all full-time domestic students and all international students to carry health insurance as a way of protecting the student’s educational investment.  Students must meet this requirement their first semester at CSU and every fall semester thereafter.

All CSU students have full access to the wide range of medical, counseling, and health education and prevention services within the CSU Health Network, regardless of their insurance plan.

Why is this a requirement?

Most major universities require students to carry health insurance as a way of protecting the student’s educational investment. Even a relatively minor health event, such as a knee injury, could put students in a situation where medical debt precludes their ability to continue in school.

How to meet the requirement?

Domestic Students

Colorado State University requires all domestic students taking six (6) or more resident instruction credits to meet the health insurance requirement during their first semester at CSU and every fall semester thereafter.

Students can submit coverage through a private health insurance plan or enroll in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

  1. If you are considering an individual/family/employer/government plan to meet the health insurance requirement, we encourage you to do the following:
    • Ensure your plan meets CSU, state, and federal guidelines for health insurance coverage:
      • Essential health benefits (click here to view these requirements on
      • Coverage in Colorado. If you are an out-of-state student, please confirm coverage in Colorado with your insurance carrier
      • Active coverage as of the first day of classes that remains active for the academic year
      • Insurance company is owned and operated in the United States
      • Must have unlimited benefits
      • No pre-existing condition limitation
      • No short-term/limited benefit or limited duration plans
      • No sickness and accident-only plans
    • Contact your insurance carrier in advance to see how your plan will cover visits to CSU Health Network. Use the following information:
      • CSU Health Network Tax ID#: 846000545
      • CSU Health Network NPI#: 1528156437
  2. Go to the secure online health insurance waiver and enrollment portal, or wait for a waiver/enrollment email to your CSU email account. You can access the secure online portal during Ram Orientation or 10 days after you register for classes.
    • Please note: the CSU Student Health Insurance Waiver/Election Portal is managed by Specialty Insurance Services (SIS).  You will receive emails directly from SIS prompting you to meet the health insurance requirement.  All correspondence from SIS will come from an web address or email account and is a safe and protected site where the insurance waiver portal is hosted.
  3. Login with your CSU student ID number, name, and date of birth.
  4. Choose one of the following and submit the form:
    • WAIVE the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by providing proof of a comparable health insurance plan.  Enter the requested information from your health insurance card and the plan subscriber’s date of birth. Your waiver application will be audited with your insurance carrier to ensure the coverage is active and meets CSU, state, and federal requirements (see above).  Your waiver application is not complete until you receive an approval notification via email.
    • ENROLL in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by indicating your interest in the secure online form.  Early enrollment ensures your coverage is in place and you are in possession of your insurance identification information as soon as possible so that you may seek medical care or fill prescriptions without delay.

IMPORTANT: If you do not take action to WAIVE or ENROLL by the deadline, your student account will be charged for the cost of enrollment in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  There will be no refunds or reversals of charges after the deadline.

International Students

International students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If you have other health insurance coverage, including an employer plan or an individual health plan, please submit a waiver request.

RamCare Supplemental Program

Designed for students who have health insurance coverage other than the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), RamCare is an inexpensive way to pay for out-of-pocket costs for services at the CSU Health Network, such as co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles. Click here for more information on or to enroll in RamCare.


Contact the CSU Health Insurance office at (970) 491-2457 or
Note: Due to the nature of the insurance open enrollment cycle, this office experiences periods of high phone volume. Please consider emailing us at and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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