Student Health Insurance

Each domestic undergraduate and graduate CSU student taking six or more resident instruction credits is required to have health insurance and is eligible to enroll in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or show proof of private health insurance coverage.

About the Requirement

  • All international and INTO students are automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan regardless of credit level.
  • Most major universities require students to carry health insurance as a way of protecting the student’s educational investment. Even a relatively minor health event, such as a knee injury, could put students in a situation where medical debt precludes their ability to continue in school.
  • Most undergraduate students have health insurance through their parents’ plans or have their own individual plans. Students with Veteran Service plans, Tri-Care, Indian Health Services, Colorado Medicaid, and Medicare plans will meet the insurance requirement. Other plans will be evaluated based upon compliance with federal and state health insurance regulations.
  • CSU Student Financial Aid may be available to help pay for your insurance premiums.
  • The CSU Health Network is your home for health care while you’re on campus regardless of your insurance plan. Students’ out-of-pocket costs are dependent on their health insurance plan benefits.

Fulfilling the Requirement

  • Students with private health insurance may waive the CSU Health Insurance Plan through a simple waiver process.
  • Students who do not have comparable health insurance or have not completed the waiver process by the 10th day of classes will be enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).
  • There is no refund available after the deadline, because premium payment is sent directly to the insurance carrier.
  • There is no disciplinary action, registration hold or penalty levied through CSU related to the insurance requirement.