Affirming Support for Trans* Students
CSU Health Network will continue to support the rights of our transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and intersex students. Proposed federal changes to Title IX will not impact services provided by CSU Health Network or services covered by the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Policy (SHIP). Click here to view full Statement of Support for Trans and Non-Binary Students.

The Transgender Health Team at the CSU Health Network is a multidisciplinary team committed to providing comprehensive gender-affirming care for transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender-questioning students at Colorado State University.

Transgender care services offered:

  • Medical consultation

  • Initiation of hormone therapy and ongoing care

  • Mental health consultations

  • Surgical referrals

  • Individual counseling

  • Support groups

Services are open to all CSU students, regardless of insurance plan. CSU Health Network is an in-network medical provider with most major insurance carriers and can file claims with private insurance.

To schedule an appointment, call the CSU Health Network at (970) 491-7121.

Meet the Transgender Health Team:

  • Medical Services
    • Christina Kuroiwa, MD (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Cherie Worford, MD (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Jill Vesty, FNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Emily Morse, DNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Danna Quinn, FNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Laurie Borthwick, FNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Mandy Frale, RN (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Gretchen Holt, CMA (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Ana Madaleno, CMA (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Amalia Ornelas, CMA (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Gwen Still, CMA (pronouns – she, her, hers)
  • Counseling Services
    • Reid Trotter, PhD (pronouns – he, him, his)
    • Helen Bowden, PhD (pronouns – she, her, hers)
  • Psychiatry
    • Virginia Mack, PMHNP-BC (pronouns – she, her, hers)
  • Student Case Management
    • Shana Ryken (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Sagarika Sarma (pronouns – she, her, hers)
  • Pride Resource Center
    • Dora Frias (pronouns – she, her, hers)

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