Services update in response to COVID-19.
In-person services and consultations by telehealth are available for some routine care. Call (970) 491-7121 to inquire about an appointment.
Affirming Support for Trans* Students
CSU Health Network will continue to support the rights of our transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and intersex students. Proposed federal changes to Title IX will not impact services provided by CSU Health Network or services covered by the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Policy (SHIP). Click here to view full Statement of Support for Trans and Non-Binary Students.

The Transgender Health Team at CSU Health Network is a multidisciplinary team committed to providing comprehensive gender-affirming care for transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender-questioning students at Colorado State University.

Transgender care services offered:

  • Medical consultation
  • Initiation and maintenance of hormone therapy
  • Surgical referrals
  • Discuss fertility preservations
  • Mental Health
    • Referrals
    • Individual counseling
    • Support groups
    • Behavioral health

Services are open to all CSU students, regardless of insurance plan. CSU Health Network is an in-network medical provider with most major insurance carriers and can file claims with private insurance.

To schedule an appointment, call CSU Health Network at  (970) 491-7121.

Meet the Transgender Health Team:

  • Medical Services
    • Cherie Worford, MD (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Jill Vesty, FNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Emily Morse, DNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Danna Quinn, FNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Laurie Borthwick, FNP (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Gretchen Holt, CMA (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Amalia Ornelas, CMA (pronouns – she, her, hers)
  • Counseling Services
    • Chloe Wright, PhD (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Helen Bowden, PhD (pronouns – she, her, hers)
  • Student Case Management
    • Shana Ryken (pronouns – she, her, hers)
    • Sagarika Sarma (pronouns – she, her, hers)
  • Pride Resource Center
    • Maggie Hendrickson (pronouns- they, them, theirs)
  • Community Providers

Transgender Care at CSU Health Network

We acknowledge that the first appointment can be scary and often folks have a lot of questions. Trans Health Care varies from person to person and each appointment will look different. However, we want to provide you with a few things you can expect in your first appointment.

  • At CSU Health Network, we will affirm your gender by using your chosen names and correct pronouns, regardless of any proposed federal changes.
  • We commit to being open to feedback if there are better ways of serving any of our students to ensure a welcoming and affirming experience.
  • You will not be asked to prove your gender identity or any other part of your identity.
  • We practice using the informed consent model. This means that we seek to provide you with as much information as possible for you to make the best-informed decision about your care. Please ask questions.
  • At your first appointment you will be asked health history questions, and family history. Some of these questions can be triggering and uncomfortable, we will work with you to support you through the process. If a question is particularly difficult you do not have to answer.
  • We will discuss what types of care you are interested in learning about (hormone therapy, referrals for surgery, fertility preservation).
  • An exam will likely not be done at your first appointment. Depending on the care you are needing it is possible at some point we will need to do one.
  • The clinic is in the Women’s and Gender Care Clinic at CSU Health Network.

If you are seeking care for general illnesses (flu, mental health, colds, asthma etc.) you may need to see a provider in the medical clinic. We can support you in finding a medical provider to meet your needs beyond gender care.

To refill a prescription

  • Please request a refill prescription through the pharmacy where you fill your medications.
  • Refill a prescription at CSU Health Network Pharmacy
    • *If it has been more than 1 year since your last appointment you will be prescribe a short-term refill and will need schedule an appointment.

Supply Pick Up

  • Please call us at (970) 491-7121 to let us know you will be coming so we can have the supplies ready for you.

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