Colorado State University’s Ram Recovery community was founded in February of 2017. This is an inclusive community designed to provide support to enrolled and aspiring students pursuing a college degree. This community provides support for students on all paths and in all phases of recovery including substance use disorders, eating disorders, as well as process and other mental health disorders. Ram Recovery is a registered student organization within CSU’s Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement Office.

Members meet every Friday from 5-6 pm over Zoom.

Meeting ID: 949 2184 7119

COVID Update: We are currently keeping our meetings digital but may plan limited in-person activities that follow the CSU guidelines. For the most current information on this, please refer to our Facebook page.

Ram Recovery Leadership Team

Leah Winningham
Ram Recovery President

My sober date is 6/9/2018. Since I've been sober, I have been very active in the northern colorado recovery community. I’ve chaired women's AA meetings, extensively volunteered with Oxford House sober living, and was the president of Sobriety and Habits at Front Range Community College. I'm currently studying social work with a concentration in addiction counseling and plan on becoming a Certified addiction counselor. In my free time, I like to roller skate and spend time at home with my pets. | 720.987.0419

Christie McDaniel
Ram Recovery Mental Health Advocate


I just want to recognize how brave it is for you to be here, reaching out for help. It can be very scary to admit that we need help, let alone figure out the best way for ourselves to get what we need. I believe recovery is a courageous journey to embark on and it is not a one size fits all, but that we are all in this together. For years, I suppressed and numbed out emotions that I never wanted to feel, and I used people/alcohol in very negative ways to cope. I was destroying my life and ruining my relationships. I have been involved with Alanon and DBSA at different points during the past 4 years, and I am passionate about not only helping myself with my mental health/addictive behavior struggles, but to help you too! Mental health and addiction can go hand in hand, and I love educating people about how traumas can play a direct role with it. I currently work at an Addictions and Mental health facility, and am obtaining my undergraduate degree in Health Promotion. I enjoy hiking mountains with friends, writing, and overall adventuring! | 719.465.6779




Chris Charlett
Ram Recovery Financial Captain

I’ve been sober since March 24, 2018. I’m happy to be your financial captain in the leadership role of Ram Recovery, and an economics undergraduate major at CSU. I’m involved in the AA community and am happy to help introduce anybody to it. Orientation processes or finding your way into recovery communities can be the hardest part, and it took legal obligations for me. If any of this is relatable and resonates with you reach out and I’m more than happy to talk or help. I also am crazy about fishing, camping, running, snowboarding, skateboarding, artwork, and am willing to get into pretty much anything. Reach out if you’re struggling because someone’s been there and happy to help. | 720.308.6225

How to learn more or get in touch with Ram Recovery:

Please check social media for meetings and events

Ram Recovery Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Peer mentorship is a significant component of the Ram Recovery Community. This type of support provides a way of connecting with peers who share lived experiences in recovery and demonstrate that recovery is possible. Peer mentors are different from professional staff in that they share personal stories, build friendship and, together, build a social support community that is essential to the recovery process.