Support for students impacted by the Ukraine invasion

CSU Health Network Counseling Services is committed to welcoming and supporting the dignity, humanity, and well-being of all people. We acknowledge the impact and harm of the recent military invasion of Ukraine. From a psychological and well-being perspective, we also understand the significant trauma inherent for all people who are affected, directly and indirectly, by such military invasions.

We are here for any students who are impacted by the recent events in Ukraine. Students can connect with a counselor through our drop-in services, which are available without an appointment every weekday from 9am-3:30pm (starting at 10am on Tuesdays). If you are experiencing a mental health crisis during evenings, overnights, or weekends you have immediate access as a CSU student to speak with a crisis counselor by calling 970-491-6053.

A Letter to Our Community Regarding Interpersonal Violence

Whether you’re experiencing a situational problem, an immediate crisis, or have a longstanding mental health concern, we’re here to help. Our professional staff includes licensed psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors, as well as new professionals working toward licensure and graduate student staff completing their degrees in a mental health field.

Our Commitment to You:

We at CSU Health Network Counseling Services are deeply committed to creating a welcoming, supportive space in which you can truly be seen and valued in your entirety.  For those whose experiences of marginalization and oppression add extra layers to your distress – you and all of your identities are welcome here.

We recognize that prejudice, discrimination, and privilege continue to marginalize people in our country and all around the world. We own that the members of our staff, as imperfect human beings, are not immune and that we also struggle with our own biases, privilege, and identities. We will make mistakes –  and we also firmly commit to transparency.  Nothing will stop us from the vital work of continuously examining our biases and striving to do better.

We are dedicated to affirming respect, compassion, and acceptance for all, and we celebrate diversity with regard to all backgrounds and identities, including but not limited to: ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds; languages; mental health; sexual, gender, and affectional identities; physical, sensory, and cognitive/learning abilities; body sizes and shapes; ages; relationship and reproductive statuses; military service; religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs; socioeconomic statuses; substance use and those in recovery; and others for whom there is not yet commonly shared language to discuss your identities.

You are welcome here.

Our Services:

Counseling Services provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of fee-paying students on the Fort Collins campus.  As a public land grant university, we believe that students should have access to high quality mental health care on campus.  We offer the following outpatient services:

Demand, Availability and Wait Times

The demand for counseling on campus has increased each year.  Although we are fortunate to have a large staff of counselors, we are typically unable to offer weekly individual appointments except in emergency situations.  Most students see their counselor every two to three weeks for individual appointments.  In addition, many students participate in weekly group treatment or, in urgent situations, use our On-call or Behavioral Health counseling services that don’t require an appointment.  Due to the extensive time required for comprehensive psychological evaluations, we do not provide this service.  And although many areas of expertise exist among our staff, we are unable to guarantee the availability of specific treatment approaches at any given time.  If you are looking for a specific approach, please inquire about its availability.  Our staff will be glad to work with you to find an appropriate referral in the community if we can’t meet your needs.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All counseling is confidential.  No information is released without your written consent except when the law requires.  These exceptions include the following: immediate danger to you or someone else, suspicions of child or elder abuse, grave disability, subpoenaed records, or a threat to national security. CSU Health Network has a shared electronic health record that allows all medical and mental health staff to share information and coordinate your care.  To protect your privacy within the agency, we follow a “need to know” guideline.  This means that your providers may review your records if they are treating you for concerns that may be related to other care you have received at the Health Network.

If you have any additional questions or if you would like to speak with a counselor, please stop by our office on the 3rd Floor of the CSU Health and Medical Center, 151 W. Lake Street, or call us at (970) 491-6053.  We look forward to seeing you.