Beginning Wednesday, March 18th, Psychiatry will transition to providing services over the phone for all follow up appointments.
  •  In-person appointments will be suspended until further notice. We will be available to call patients only during typical business hours, 9am-4pm. Please find a private area where you can take the call.
  • If you have an existing appointment scheduled for psychiatric evaluation, we are still able to see you in person. These types of appointments are not permitted to be done over the phone. Please check this page often while waiting for this appointment for any changes.
  • Acupuncture clinic is suspended until further notice.

At CSU Health Network, we offer a range of options to help students understand and overcome their difficulties and concerns.

Psychiatry Services is staffed by board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and physicians assistants, and psychiatric medical assistants. We  work in collaboration with our Medical Services and Counseling Services to provide diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of various mental, emotional, or behavioral conditions, such as:

Our team works closely with you to evaluate your mental health needs and determine a course of treatment that often includes use of medications (pharmacotherapy).

Our Combined Treatment Model – Psychiatry and Counseling

Medication alone may not be the optimal treatment. Research has repeatedly shown that combining psychiatric medications with counseling produces better clinical outcomes for most conditions.

CSU Health Network has a model of combined treatment in which students seen by our psychiatry staff are also strongly encouraged to be involved in counseling. If treatment for substance us or other issues is recommended, students are expected to engage in those services as well.

Make a Psychiatry Appointment

To make a Psychiatry appointment, call (970) 491-7121 during operating hours to speak with a scheduling representative.

CSU Health Network does not offer online or text scheduling for psychiatry appointments. Since there is a large demand for psychiatry services, an initial appointment may be 2-3 weeks in the future at some points during the semester. By asking students to call for an appointment, we are able to problem-solve interim solutions or make a more immediate plan for those in crisis. Additionally, because our staff has different areas of expertise, it is helpful to make the first appointment with a specific staff member for the type of service that will best meet the student’s needs.

The cost for psychiatry services at CSU Health Network is dependent on your specific health insurance plan. Learn more about using health insurance at CSU Health Network.

Existing Medications/Transfer of Care

If you have received psychiatric care in the past, your care can be transferred and medications can be prescribed by the psychiatric staff at the CSU Health Network while you are attending CSU. If you plan to transfer your care to us, please obtain copies of your previous records prior to scheduling the first appointment. Our Medical Records Department can assist you with this.

Psychiatry patients wanting a prescription for the entire summer are expected to continue to see their doctor through the summer in order to receive a prescription.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment Information

Based upon current evidence-based practice guidelines, we have established a treatment protocol to properly evaluate and treat Adult ADHD. Click here to learn more about ADHD treatment at the CSU Health Network.

NADA Ear Acupuncture

NADA Ear Acupuncture is a non-verbal approach to healing involving the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on both ears. Recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 30-45 minutes. Although the results are different for every individual, this treatment has been shown to help with acute withdrawal symptoms, cravings, stress, anxiety, insomnia, emotional trauma and chronic pain, among other benefits.

We are also offering a placement of specialized gold/steel made ear “pins” (ASP needles), in specific ear acupuncture points,  for longer-lasting acupuncture effect.

Held every Tuesday and Thursday during the Spring 2020 semester (except Spring Break and finals week) from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in the Still Point Reflection Space, located on the first floor of the CSU Health and Medical Center.

No registration required; drop-ins welcome.

Students must sign a Consent with Acupuncture Treatment form before this procedure can be started. The consent form will be available before each group session.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

The opioid abuse epidemic has emerged as one of the biggest public health concerns in the United States.  We can help CSU students with medication assistance during the recovery process. Treatment is available to students who suffer from abuse of heroin, pain pills, or any other opioid use. Click here to learn more about medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder.

Quick links:

Mental Health Resources for Students

CSU Health Network provides numerous resources to help students learn how to improve mental health, manage stress and minimize anxiety.