SilverCloud- now available for students, staff, and faculty!

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, or overwhelmed?

SilverCloud is a free online program that is available 24/7 based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles. SilverCloud has many different programs to help users increase their well-being. The programs provide a variety of informative articles, education as well as tools and strategies that can be implemented into your daily life. SilverCloud users learn how they can identify and change their cycles of negative thoughts or habits through modules such as Noticing Feelings, Spotting Thoughts, and Boosting Behavior.

There are two ways to participate in SilverCloud. The self-guided option allows you to move through the program at your own pace and is available for all programs. Some programs also have the option to have a coach to help guide you and provide a more in-depth experience as you progress through the program. Your coach is your personal supporter who will review your weekly progress online and will be there to answer questions, deepen your self-reflections and give personal recommendations and insight on the content. Students* can opt-in to coaching on certain modules when available (or any module with a referral from counseling services).

*The coaching option is not available for faculty and staff members.


Not sure where to start?  Take a short well-being quiz to find out which of the programs is most suited to you! Or, read the descriptions and select a program of your choosing. Coaching is available on the five modules featured below.

Space from Depression

Overcome and manage the symptoms of low mood and depression.

Space from Anxiety

Learn tools and techniques to manage anxiety, challenge anxious thoughts, and cope with difficult situations.

Space for Resilience

Information, tips, and tools to enhance your sense of satisfaction, wellbeing, and ability to thrive through the principles of positive psychology.

Space for Positive Body Image

Improve your body image by examining your personal strengths and your relationships with food, exercise, and your own self-image.

Space for Social Anxiety

Learn new strategies to change your thinking about social fears in order improve your life and relationships.

Space for Sleep

Packed full of tools and practical techniques to help you create healthy sleep habits and relieve the symptoms of sleeping problems such as insomnia.

Other modules also include Space from Anxiety and Depression for individuals experiencing both sets of symptoms and Space from Stress.

Engaging activities, tools, videos, and exercises

Any device, any time

Learn new skills from problem solving to mindfulness

“I thoroughly enjoyed using SilverCloud and gained a lot from it.  I feel better able to understand my moods and I have tools I can use to feel better.”SilverCloud User

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