SHAC Members, 2022-2023

Will Scanlon
SHAC President, Biology Major
Rebeca Workineh
SHAC Vice President
Ella Smith
SHAC Secretary; Women and Gender Studies major
Rachael Cunningham
SHAC Member; Biochemistry major
Ashely Danner
SHAC Member
Cortney Umoelin
SHAC Member, Biochemistry major
Marina Nelson
SHAC Member; Life Sciences major
Jordan Robinson
SHAC Member; Biomedical Sciences major
Sara Vojack
SHAC Member; Biomedical Sciences major
Alex Silverhart
ASCSU Director of Health
Leelee Kates
SHAC Advisor

The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group of students who serves as liaison between the student body and the CSU Health Network.

SHAC members provide feedback to the CSU Health Network about budgets and programs to ensure that health services on campus represent student needs.

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If you have questions, or want to learn more about getting involved, email