Appointment Timeliness and Cancellation:

Unless otherwise specified, please arrive 20 minutes early to complete all necessary intake procedures and paperwork. If you are late, we may need to reschedule your appointment because our providers work on a set schedule. Please notify us in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. Failing to give notice of cancellation within 24 hours prior to a missed appointment will result in a charge up to $75, based on your appointment type and length. This charge will be billed to your student account 72 hours after the time the appointment was scheduled.”

The CSU Health Network does not offer after hours care. Any messages left for a provider after hours or on weekends will be returned within 24-48 business hours. By calling the mainline for the CSU Health Network at 970-491-7121 afterhours, you will be directed to our FoneMed system where you may leave a message and someone will follow-up with you on the following business day. For mental health crisis intervention, please call 970-491-6053. Please see Emergency and After-Hours Care web page for more information.

Student Access Fee:

The CSU Health Network is a fee-funded service on campus. The fees allows access to all services, provides reduced rates for services in comparison to the community and offers comprehensive and integrated services, including Health Education and Prevention Services; however the fee does not offer free medical visits. Referral, insurance education and billing services are also included. The Student Access Fee which is a portion of the General Fees, is automatically applied to ALL students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters at the time tuition/feed are charged. Any part-time students taking less than 6 credit hours and have commercial insurance other than the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) will be assessed 50% of the full time fee following utilization of services that have an E&M code (Medical, Ortho/Allergy, Specialist, Psychiatry, Medical Eye). If the only service(s) received was for eye exams/contacts with Optometry, Dental, Pharmacy, X-Ray, Lab, Physical Therapy, Immunizations, Allergy shots, or Nurse Visits, there will not be a fee assessed. For student who are starting during a Summer semester as their first semester at CSU, the Access Fee will allow access beginning the first day of Summer classes.

Counseling Fee:

The Counseling Fee includes access to a wide range of services in the CSU Health Network. Additional charges may be incurred when a student utilizes individual counseling services for more than five sessions per semester, in which case a nominal fee will be billed to your student account. Other services may also require an additional fee. For example, additional fees may be incurred if you participate in our fee-for- service programs, such as our DAY Programs, utilize breathalyzer services or have missed appointments. This fee, which is a portion of the General Fees, is automatically applied to ALL students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours for any semester. For students enrolled in less than 6 credits, the Counseling Fee will be automatically assessed at the end of the semester if services were utilized (including Back on TRAK, Live Safe, Basics, Taking Steps, Taking the Wheel, Open to Change and Cannabiz). Students enrolled in less than 6 credits hours and who have purchased the student health insurance plan are required to pay the Counseling Fee Fall and Spring semesters, which will be assessed mid-semester. For summer, students with the student health insurance plan will pay the Part Time counseling fee, assessed only following utilization of services. For students who are not taking classes over the summer (but are matriculating in the Fall and must be registered), services may be utilized over the summer; the Part Time fee will be applied and will be assessed at the end of summer. If students are not registered for classes in the Fall, they are NOT eligible for services.

Insurance Billing:

The CSUHN will submit any charges, with the exception of counseling charges, to the students’ health insurance plan for payment. Students are responsible for any copays, coinsurance or deductible amounts. Any amount that is the patient responsibility will be posted to the Student Account.

Any labs that we are not able to process at the CSU Health Network will be sent to a reference lab for processing. These labs are subject to the deductibles, copays or coinsurance of the student’s health insurance plan and you will receive a bill in the mail directly from the reference lab. If you have any questions on these labs that are not processed in-house, please contact the reference lab or your insurance company directly.

For more detailed information on billing and payment, please see the Payment Policy. Financial aid assistance may be available for the RamCare Supplement Program. Contact Student Financial Services for more information.

Behavior in the CSU Health Network:

CSU expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in alignment with the educational goals and effective operation of the institution, including the Health Network, and to assume responsibility for their actions, to observe federal, state and local laws and University policies and regulations, and to respect the rights, privileges, and property of other people. All students visiting the Health Network are to abide by the individual behavior standards of the CSU Student Code of Conduct. Any student not adhering to the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the Health Network and may be referred to Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services. The Health Network reserves the right to refuse service to students who do not comply with the Code of Conduct and disrupt the normal operations of the Health Network.

Service Animals:

Only trained service animals are allowed at the CSUHN facility. Emotional support animals are animals that live at home and do not accompany the person from place to place; therefore, emotional support animals are not allowed.

Students with a Valid CSU Parking Permit:

  • The parking lot directly in front of the CSU Health and Medical Center is free for patients. Students are not able to park in this lot if you are not seeking services in our building.
  • Students with a valid CSU parking permit for an “A” or “Z” lot may park in the parking lots across Lake Street, north of our building, in lot 575.
  • If you receive a parking citation during the time you are at the clinic, Parking Services will suspend the citation ONLY if it was received for not having a valid permit or not purchasing a “pay and display” receipt; however, this is at the Parking Services discretion.
  • Citations received for other parking violations will not be suspended. No Valid CSU Parking Permit:
  • If the free lot is full, students who do not have a valid CSU parking permit must park in the South College Garage.

The first floor of the garage is pay by the hour parking and you will need to pay for the entire time you are at an appointment.

The decision to suspend a citation is at the sole discretion of Parking Services of the Parking Appeal Committee. Parking Services seriously considers the recommendation of CSU Health Network staff, but also considers the nature of the citation. Violations for parking in loading zones, red curbs and handicap parking spaces are examples of citations that typically will not be suspended.

Bicycle racks are available also. Bicycles, in-line skates, or other means of transportation are not allowed in the building. “Loaner” bike locks are available at the Reception Desk for your temporary use.


All persons accessing services through the CSU Health Network engage in a treatment agreement with healthcare providers. As a condition of receiving services from the CSU Health Network, all persons, by signing below, understand and agree that all weapons including but not limited to firearms, blades longer than pocket knives, or any form of explosives are not allowed in healthcare facilities. This prohibition includes all weapons possessed by persons with a lawful permit to carry a concealed firearm pursuant to C.R.S. 18-12-201 et. seq. All rights under any state or federal law or constitutional related to the use or possession of firearms (i.e. U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment) are voluntarily and expressly waived in exchange for treatment at the Health Network. Failure to comply with this prohibition may result in further action under applicable law or University disciplinary procedures.