GYT- Get Yourself Tested

GYT- Get Yourself Tested is a campaign encouraging CSU students to get tested and treated for STDs to protect their health and that of their partners.  The GYT campaign highlights the idea that preventing, testing for, and treating STDs is very straightforward.

March 22 – April 9, 2021
By appointment only.  Call 970-491-7121. 
Cost: $20 (includes chlamydia and gonorrhea urine test only)
  • These tests typically cost about $190.
  • All GYT tests are confidential.
  • Please avoid using the restroom for at least one hour prior to your visit.

Free Condoms on Campus

CSU Health Network offers free condoms to students at numerous locations around the CSU Health and Medical Center, as well as around campus.

CREWS Peer Education

GYT wouldn’t be possible without the help of CREWS Peer Educators.  CREWS is devoted to increasing positive health behaviors and perceptions, as well as supporting harm reduction among the student body at CSU through non-judgmental initiatives.

HIV Screening

Learn more about getting a free, at-home HIV screening kit.

Sexual Health Information

Learn more about reliable information on STIs, including definitions, facts, and testing information.

Sexual Health Resources at CSU

For additional sexual health information, as well as sexual health resources at CSU.