Congratulations on your graduation!

Follow these tips to seamlessly transition your health care from CSU Health Network to off-campus providers after graduation:

  • Schedule final appointments with your CSU Health Network medical and/or counseling providers before graduation.
  • Refill any prescriptions at the CSU Health Network Pharmacy and transfer them to your off-campus pharmacy. (Graduating students with existing prescriptions may continue to fill those prescriptions at the CSU Health Network Pharmacy through the summer or until the prescription expires.)
  • Use up your remaining Flex Dollars (if you have the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan or RamCare) to get your eyes checked or teeth cleaned.
  • To access your immunizations that you received at CSU, please contact Medical Records or log in to the health portal, navigate to the “my profile” dropdown, and you can print your immunizations records online.
  • Contact CSU Health Network Medical Records to transfer your files to your off-campus providers.
  • Establish relationships with community medical and/or counseling providers. Remember: Access to services at CSU Health Network ends upon graduation. (For those with the Student Health Insurance Plan, you may continue to access CSU Health Network services through the summer. If you have graduated or are not planning to return the following semester, you will be charged a fee for each service. If you are planning to return the following semester, you may choose to pay the health fee or be charged a fee for each service.)