Any sexual contact without CONSENT (may include touching of intimate body areas, intercourse, oral sex, and/or penetration).

It is…

  • A violation of a person’s physical and emotional well being.
  • A crime prosecutable under Colorado law.
  • An act of power and control.
  • Sexual assault is NOT an expression of love, passion, or sexual desire.
  • Sexual assault is NOT your fault.

What does it mean to give consent?

  • Consent is a sober decision – if you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol to the extent you cannot make a decision, then legally, you cannot give consent. A person must have knowledge of the situation, and awareness of what is happening.
  • Consent is not coerced or forced; it’s given freely.
  • Submission because of fear is NOT consent.
  • Having previous sexual relationship does not mean consent.