All international students attending classes at CSU are required by school policy to carry health insurance approved by the school.  For the Fall 2022 semester due to COVID-19, an exception is being made for students who are taking classes through CSU but who are remaining in their home country.

Please fill out the form below to waive the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan.

Please note:  In order to waive the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan because of COVID-19, you must meet the following qualifications and certify on the form below that these are true.

  1. I am not currently in the U.S. AND
  2. I am starting the Fall 2022 semester from my home country AND
  3. I am requesting to opt out because I have health care available through my home country where I am currently residing AND
  4. if I return to the U.S. during the Fall semester, I will notify the Student Health Insurance Department at and the Office of International Programs at to fulfill my visa and CSU insurance requirement.

International Insurance COVID Waiver

    You must be able to certify all of the above statements in order to submit this form.