All international students, regardless of credit level, are required to have health insurance during their time at CSU. Students will be automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan unless they waive the plan by showing proof of private health insurance that meets the requirements of CSU and is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

How do International/INTO students waive the CSU Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) coverage?

International students may request to waive the plan if they can demonstrate proof of comparable coverage under another insurance plan. Students should do the following before requesting a waiver:

  1. Before submitting your application for waiver, please make sure that you are registered for classes. We cannot process your request without registration for the next semester
  2. Complete the Application for Student Health Insurance Waiver (International Students). It is important to read all instructions and provide complete information. Incomplete applications will be returned.
  3. Provide requested materials no later than the published add/drop deadline for the semester. INTO students must provide a waiver by the first day of classes. During the enrollment period, students may submit the waiver request package to the CSU Health Network Student Insurance Office in a variety of ways:
    • Bring your application for waiver and materials to the CSU Health Network Insurance Office located on the Administration suite on the 2nd floor of the CSU Health and Medical Center at 151 W. Lake Street.
    • Submit your application for waiver and materials via email to the Student Insurance Office at:
    • Fax your application for waiver and materials to the Student Insurance Office at (970) 491-6965.
    • Mail your waiver application and materials to the following address:
      CSU Health Network
      Student Insurance Office
      Campus Delivery 8031
      Fort Collins, CO 80523-8031
  4. Students will be notified via email of the waiver decision no later than 10 days following receipt of a complete waiver packet.

What types of insurance plans will be approved for a waiver?

Waivers may be approved for the following types of insurance plans:

Waivers will not be approved for the following types of insurance plans:

  • Short term in-bound insurance policies
  • Short term/ limited duration/ sickness and accident insurance policies
  • Foreign insurance plans with US affiliates/representatives or reimbursement programs, including reimbursement arrangements of vouchers for home government or their US-based consulates
  • Health Insurance Plans that do not meet Federal Health Care Reform Law


Contact the CSU Health Insurance office at (970) 491-2457 or

Note: Due to the nature of the insurance open enrollment cycle, this office experiences periods of high phone volume. If the line is busy when you call, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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