Hepatitis A is spreading in Colorado.  Hepatitis A is  a liver disease caused by a virus that can make a person very sick with serious vomiting and diarrhea.  This disease can be spread when someone gets the fecal matter (poop) of a person who has hepatitis A into their mouth – even in tiny amounts.  This can happen when:

  • Eating food that has been prepared by a person with hepatitis A who has not washed their hands after using the bathroom.  It is recommended that food services workers be vaccinated.
  • Taking care of or cleaning up after a person with hepatitis A and then not washing your hands.  It is recommended that childcare provides be vaccinated.
  • Having sexual contact with a person who has hepatitis A, even if the person does not seem sick.

You can protect yourself!

  • Get vaccinated.  Hepatitis A is serious.  Call the CSU Health Network at (970) 491-7121 to schedule a vaccination appointment.
  • Use condoms or latex barriers during sexual activity.
  • Wash hands frequently.