CSU Health Network offers free condoms to students at numerous locations around our facility, as well as around campus.
Free Pick-up Locations:
  • CSU Health Network
    • Pharmacy (first floor)
    • Medical (second floor)
    • Women and Gender Care (second floor)
    • Health Education and Prevention Services (third floor)
    • Counseling (third floor)
Condom Delivery:

If you are an RA, part of a student group, or a member of an FSL organization, you can request condoms by emailing

What’s a dental dam?

Dental dams are used as a barrier during oral sex.  Want to learn more?  Click here.

Trojan vs. Other Brands

“FDA-approved condoms are all quite effective at preventing pregnancy and STD, and performance is probably not related to brand type. You might be wondering if the condoms you’re using are FDA-approved. With the exception of novelty condoms (which are pretty uncommon), just about all of the condoms you’ll come across in the United States are approved by the FDA.” – UNC Healthy Heels.  “Condom Effectiveness: What’s Brand Got To Do With It”. (2012, April 25)

The condoms at every location throughout the Health Network are FDA approved which means that even though they aren’t Trojan they are just as effective.