Student Health Insurance- Frequently Asked Questions:

CSU requires students with six or more Resident Instruction credits to have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan unless they show proof of a private plan that is Affordable Care Act compliant and has a $2500 or less individual deductible.

Questions about Dependent, Spouse or Domestic Partner Insurance:
Frequently Asked Questions About The Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Contribution:

For more detailed information about the health contribution, learn more from the CSU Graduate School:

Student Resources:
Other Health Requirements For Enrollment:
  • Complete the Sexual Assault Prevention Program
  • Turn in Immunization Records- Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and Meningococcal Vaccinations
  • Complete Important Health Forms- Health History and Tuberculosis Screening
  • Fulfill the Health Insurance Requirement
  • Consider the RamCare Supplemental Program

Follow the directions on the new student checklist and make sure you have completed all the necessary requirements by the date given.