Student Health Insurance- Frequently Asked Questions:

CSU requires students with six or more Resident Instruction credits to have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan unless they show proof of a private plan that is Affordable Care Act compliant and has a $2500 or less individual deductible.

Questions about Dependent, Spouse or Domestic Partner Insurance:
Enrolled students and their spouses or domestic partners have access to all services at the CSU Health Network including medical care, counseling and health education/prevention services. Students’ dependents (child or children) would be referred to a community provider based on their age or need.
CSU has found that health insurance coverage for students’ dependents, spouses or domestic partners is most affordable through the open market.
The Colorado Health Insurance Exchange is a marketplace where Coloradans can shop for and buy health insurance based on quality and price. The Exchange also provides financial assistance to people with certain income levels to reduce up-front costs.
At the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange website ( students can browse plans anonymously and compare prices, coverage levels and provider network coverage. The website is easy to navigate and provides customized quotes based on each family’s needs. Students can chat online with a Health Guide while on the site or can call to speak with someone at (855) 752-6749.
For students that may need more specific guidance, they can schedule an appointment locally with a Larimer County Health Guide by calling (970) 420-7313 or logging on to
Cost for health insurance plans for dependents, spouses or domestic partners vary and are dependent on income and other factors. Students’ dependents, spouses or domestic partners may be eligible for Medicaid or subsidies through the Exchange, which will reduce insurance costs. Costs could be as low as $200 per month, which is much more affordable than the rate the University’s plan could provide.
The Colorado Health Insurance Exchange opens for enrollment in mid-November and closes mid-February. However, students’ families can enroll in a health insurance plan if there is a qualifying health event, which includes:

  • Moved to Colorado
  • Marriage or civil union
  • Birth or adoption
  • Change of American Indian/Alaska Native status
  • Change of residence (if moving out of a service area)
  • Gain or loss of eligibility for the tax credit or cost sharing reduction
  • Incorrect or inappropriate enrollment NOT due to customer error
  • Loss of minimum essential coverage (MEC)
  • Employer-sponsored coverage becomes unaffordable
  • Gain of Citizenship or Immigration status

For more information about qualifying health events, visit the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Website.

Yes, if they have already moved to Colorado and have an address. Other options are available, however, for International Students’ dependents, spouses or domestic partners, including:

Frequently Asked Questions About The Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Contribution:

For more detailed information about the health contribution, learn more from the CSU Graduate School:

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have an assistantship appointment of at least 25% (10 hours per week) by the end of the regular add/drop period and
  • Hold CSU health insurance and
  • Be enrolled in at least 5 resident instruction on-campus credits (excluding Online Plus credits)
  • For students who meet the GA eligibility requirements in both the fall and spring semesters, the CSU health insurance contribution will cover 100% of the fall, spring and summer health insurance premiums, effective Fall 2015.
  • For students who meet the GA eligibility requirements for only one semester,the CSU health insurance contribution will cover 100% of the insurance premium only in that semester.
    • Students who serve as a GA for one semester will not be eligible for CSU’s summer health insurance contribution.
The health insurance contribution will appear on the student’s CSU account as a credit, approximately one week after the end of the regular add/drop date.
The contribution is considered “supplemental wages”. Supplemental wages are taxed at a higher tax rate and will decrease the first paycheck of the semester for the student (once only each semester, fall and spring).
Students do not need to apply for the health insurance contribution. They will automatically be identified.
Student Resources:
CSU Health Network

Medical Services
(970) 491-7121

Counseling Services
(970) 491-6053

Health Education and Prevention Services
(970) 491-1702

CSU Health Network Student Health Insurance Office

Lynne Bunn, Student Health Insurance Manager
(970) 491-7806

To seek coverage:

Connect For Health Colorado
(855) 752-6749

To schedule an appointment with a health guide:

Larimer County Health Connect
(970) 420-7313

Other Health Requirements For Enrollment:
  • Complete the Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault Program
  • Turn in Immunization Records- Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and Meningococcal Vaccinations
  • Complete Important Health Forms- Health History and Tuberculosis Screening
  • Fulfill the Health Insurance Requirement
  • Consider the RamCare Supplemental Program

Follow the directions on the new student checklist and make sure you have completed all the necessary requirements by the date given.